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Колористика в интерьере
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Одним из первых шагов в создании интерьера является подбор колористических решений. Не удивительно, ведь именно цвет задет настроение помещения, атмосферу, микроклимат. Об этом и многом другом вы узнаете в нашем гайде. Приятного чтения.

Every season we design a new collection of pins, produce it and never repeat it again. So if you've taken a shine to some pin, got and get it, without thinking twice. Bring your personal touch with a sprinkle of bright pins created by talented local artists and colored by hand.

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We pay meticulous attention to the quality of pins to ensure they will stay bright and durable. We pick only high-quality materials. Safety-pin backings securely fasten to different types of fabric and don't leave any punctures.  We use the following base materials:





<p>Royal Black plastic</p>

Royal Black plastic


In-Store Pickup

Free —  10 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week
Location: 940 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101


$5 — for addresses within the U.S.
from 5 to 14 business days


I've been purchasing pins from for a couple of years. They're always of the outstanding quality, and no problems with delivery. Love that they give swags to regular customers. 

Jack Garcia


I gifted my first pin of a horned owl to  a friend and got lost! Since then I've been buying each and every new collection I could lay my hand on. My most favorite ones are of the vampire theme.

Kate Johnson


I adore these pins and try to order some from each new collection. You guys can always surprise even your patrons. Looking forward to new arrivals!

Vicky  Brown


As an artist myself, I appreciate that you come up with unusual ideas to spur the creativity. Hats off to Pinpin! I only wish you would organize more collaborations with young artists.

Dan Lee


Contact Us

Our workshop and store is settled in San Diego — guests are always welcome! Come to have a look at all the pins, meet the team and experience the production process firsthand.


10 AM to 8 PM
7 days a week

Get in Touch

(619) 123-4567


Suite 309, 940 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101


Although we design limited seasonal collections, we also produce a standard range  of pins that you can order wholesale to any place within the U.S.

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